Ann Goodfellow

Ann Kirk met Scott Goodfellow in 1966 on a blind date arranged by their mothers. He was home on spring break from his journalism studies at University of North Carolina and Ann was a senior at Coronado High School. She attended Brigham Young University, eventually graduating from SDSU with a degree in Sociology. They were married in 1974, and Scott’s career in television news kept them on the move (fifteen times in twenty-five years!) as they raised two daughters and Ann taught school. Peripatetic as her life was, she always found time to volunteer. In 1977 she joined PEO, an organization passionate about education opportunities for women. She belonged to eight different chapters as they moved from place to place. She was also active on PTA boards, Junion League, the Association of University Women, Meals on Wheels, Coronado Floral Association (past Chair of teh annual Flower Show,) Crown Garden Club, and the Women’s Group of her Mormon Church. The love of her volunteer life, however, is Sharp Coronado Hospital, where she has volunteered for fifteen years, (seven on the Foundation Board.) She marvels at the recent changes that have taken place there, creating a hospital environment that is warm, welcoming, “and not scary,” she says. “This hospital is ours; we’re blessed to have it in our community.”

In 2004, Ann and her husband co-authored a sequel to the popular 1958 cookbook Make it Now Bake it Later by Barbara Goodfellow (Scott’s mom,) which was “much harder than we thought it would be.” Scott died unexpectedly five years ago at age 58, just one month before their daughter’s wedding was scheduled to take place at their house on the bay. Typical of Ann, she went ahead with the wedding anyway and, from where we see it, this energetic grandmother of three has done the same with her loving, giving, truly amazing life.

“The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart.” Annie Dillard