NJROTC Scholarship award in Memory of Sybil Stockdale

This scholarship was established in 2014 to recognize the qualities of service, leadership, citizenship and sense of personal responsibility in young women in the Coronado NJROTC program. It is awarded to an outstanding Senior female cadet of the Coronado High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program nominated by the NJROTC staff, led by the Senior Naval Science Instructor. It is a cash award, in an amount determined by the club on an annual basis.

 Sybil Stockdale, whose effective advocacy for American prisoners of war in Vietnam defied Government policy, she organized military wives who demanded the U.S. government pressure North Vietnam to abide by the Geneva Conventions.  She formed the National League of Families, at her dining room table at 547 A Avenue, Coronado, California, and dedicated years of her life toward influencing United States policy and helping to secure the safe return of her husband and other POWs in 1973.

NJROTC 2016 Award Winner | Carson Ricks
NJROTC 2015 Award Winner | Carley Warlick