This year’s Live your Dream Award winner is Beverly Dominguez. She is a single mom of six children and in her first year of the RN Program at Southwestern College.

Beverly shares that it is a struggle to go to school while supporting her family, but she has faith that with hard work and perseverance, she will be successful. Her oldest child, a daughter, is just completing her nursing degree in Arizona and is very excited that her mom is enrolled in nursing as well. Beverly completed her nursing pre-requisite courses one course at a time. It has been a long journey for her to get to this point. Over the past two years, two of her children have been diagnosed with significant health problems, and her niece died in a car accident.  Life has been very challenging with both the family issues and the financial issues. Nursing school is a full time commitment, which limits Beverly’s ability to work the long hours required to provide for her family. The Live Your Dream Award will give her ‘breathing room’ financially and will help her achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.