Susana is the mother of two sons, the oldest is age 11 and at the age of 2 he was diagnosed as autistic.  They lived in Mexico and were told he would never improve. Susana refused to give up hope. She researched the Internet, worked her way through books on Autism in English, found the Lovass Institute at UCLA, and moved to Los Angeles to live with her sister.  She learned English, sold her car to pay for Applied Behavior Analysis training at the Institute, and gave her son the training herself.   He is a transformed young man.   And Susana is on track as a psychology major at Southwestern College.   Her goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology and acquire certifications that will enable her to treat children with autism, to council and support their parents, and to become an advocate for those families.  Her refusal to give up and her successful pro-active attitude is a shining example for us all.